COVID-19 Response

At Community Central Hall we have been working hard to tackle the difficulties that our most vulnerable members of our community face. We understand that the resources we have at our disposal can make a huge difference in tackling the impact of COVID-19, and our team are dedicated to helping others where they can.

Impact on Services

At present, our services such as Lettings and Childcare Services that take place within the building have been suspended in the interests of public safety. We are working within Scottish Government guidelines and will reopen when deemed safe to do so.

Neighbourhood Response Initiative

Our Neighbourhood Response Initiative focuses our efforts in assisting those currently self isolating with basic necessities, such as grocery shopping, prescription pick ups, dog walking and transport assistance. We also provide information on local services, guidance and support to our community and are available to chat to anyone who has any worries, questions or simply need an ear to listen.

Neighbourhood Food Service

Community Central Halls, Woodlands Community Development Trust and Queens Cross Housing Association are working together to respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

We are now offering a FREE weekly food delivery service, with freshly cooked meals that are frozen and delivered to local people who are self-isolating or otherwise in need of support.

We cover Woodlands, Cowcaddens, Woodside, Firhill, Queens Cross, Wester Common, Hamiltonhill and Possilpark. Meals are delivered on Tuesday and Thursdays. You can choose whether to have a one-off delivery or set up a recurring weekly delivery. We are currently able to offer 5 meals each week for each member of your household. We will do our best to cater for any dietary requirements, and provide food which is vegan, vegetarian, hal-al or gluten-free.

To register for the scheme please call Queens Cross Housing Association on 0808 143 2002.

You can also contact Woodlands Community on 07733 667102 or Community Central Halls on 07875 862552 or 07706 921992.

We would like to thank the Scottish Government who have helped us through their funding to provide these much needed services to our communities.

For further information on how we can support you please contact us on 07875 862552 or 07706 921992. Alternatively, you can email us at