Breakthrough Youth Project works with young people aged 8 – 25 years old living in North West Glasgow, particularly Maryhill, with the Princes Trust element focusing on those aged 16 to 25 in disadvantage.

The project challenges inequalities in opportunity, health, education, training and learning, and lifestyle through increased access to relevant services, information, support & advice.

We encourage young people to take ownership of their community, to allow their voices to be heard when decisions are being made.


What We Aim To Achieve

  • To overcome barriers experienced by young people in accessing services, ensuring they have a range of accessible opportunities, information and support to make positive life choices that will affect them throughout their life.
  • Raise young people’s confidence and expectations of themselves, allowing them to participate more fully, define their aspirations, and become positively involved in their communities. To support young people’s involvement at every level within the project.
  • Improve community infrastructure and challenge discrimination, by enabling a range of agencies to improve access to their services for young people, through developing partnership working and providing local resources.
  • Identify local needs and gaps in service provision, generate and pool resources to meet them.

Our services include:

  • Girls Groups
  • Boys Groups
  • Issued based work (i.e. Health and Drug Awareness etc.)
  • Street work
  • Drop–Ins
  • Information & Advice
  • V’s
  • Internet Access
  • Sport
  • Day Trips


Glasgow Life

Hillhead Secondary



Area partnership


For more information please telephone Nicky Thornton on 0141 331 7677 or email her at

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