Meet Wayne: Summer Internship

In July 2017, Community Central Hall welcomed Yongwan Choi  (Wayne) a student from the Graduate School for Social Innovation Business at Hanshin University in South Korea. Wayne’s internship at Community Central Hall has been a great experience for staff and service users, who were able to learn fascinating things about South Korea.

Wayne submitted his thesis last week on Civil Community Facilities in South Korea and compares them to those found in Scotland. We would like to congratulate Wayne on the completion of his thesis and wish him all the best for the future!

Below is Wayne’s post on his internship at Community Central Hall.

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Meet Donald

Meet Donald

Before becoming a volunteer at Community Central Hall, Donald was a Law Accountant for 19 years. He first came to CCH with the Glasgow Orchestral Society, who would use the hall for their rehearsals. When the Glasgow Orchestral Society changed their rehearsal premises, Donald remained involved with CCH by becoming the volunteer Archivist.

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