As a local charity, Community Central Hall welcomes donations and gifts of all kinds. In particular, we value the time, expertise and skills of individuals willing to volunteer. We offer a wide range of opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer within the local community. If you would like to try your hand at something new, why not give volunteering a go?


Volunteering Opportunities

Community Central Hall has a dynamic range of volunteering opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering your time and skills, here are just a few examples of activities available at CCH:

Help and Support


Our dedicated Volunteer Coordinator, Elizabeth Skelton, is here to provide all our volunteers with the help and support they need. In addition, we offer our volunteers 1-2-1 meetings and training opportunities to ensure that they are getting the most from their volunteering opportunity.

All volunteers are subject to Enhanced Disclosures and will be given the relevant training. Community Central Hall is committed to volunteering and offers out of pocket expenses.

If you would like further information on volunteering opportunities currently available within CCH please contact Elizabeth Skelton on 0141 331 7678 or email elizabethskelton@centralhalls.org

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