Meet Douglas: Volunteer Kitchen Assistant

Douglas has been a volunteer at Community Central Hall since 2011.

Before joining CCH, Douglas worked in a travel agency for 27 years. In 2010, Douglas moved on to work at his local Church, helping with the tea rooms two mornings a week and taking care of the premises. Douglas has been working as a part-time care worker for the past 8 years, his main duty is to provide home support.

In 2011, Douglas visited the volunteer centre who had a catalogue of volunteer opportunities within Glasgow. It was there where Douglas found out about Community Central Hall.

Douglas volunteers three days a week at Community Central Hall’s kitchen where he is involved in washing dishes, maintaining cleanliness and keeping up hygiene. He was previously involved with the Community Café within CCH before it was closed in April 2014.

Outside CCH, Douglas volunteers as an Administrator at Mary Meals. He also helps in the kitchen at Lodging House Mission which is an organisation that provides support to those who are homeless.

Douglas enjoys volunteering at Community Central Hall. He has enjoyed the friendships he has made with the staff over the years.

Thanks to Douglas, we are able to keep our kitchen running smoothly! Douglas is a generous and reliable individual who is involved with many organisations and people. Community Central Hall are thankful for all his hard work and thank him for being part of our organisation for the past 7 years.

For more information on volunteering opportunities currently available within CCH please contact Liz Skelton on 0141 331 7678 or email

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